Tripulantes is a fundraising campaign to repair and equip the Nave Cine Metro, a new cultural center in an abandoned cinema in the historic center of San Salvador, El Salvador.



We want to challenge what seems impossible in our society: that art and culture can be accessible to everyone.

Nave Cine Metro is located in an abandoned movie theater in the Historic Center of San Salvador, which, as of 2020, is being managed by the Asociación Cultural Azoro (ACA). ACA, along with other collectives and artists, is working to turn it into an adequate space for cultural development.
This is the Nave Cine Metro, a space of creative resistance where artists from different branches and generations already converge. Because we all deserve more spaces for cultural and artistic expression, join the trip and be a Crewmember.

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At a time when the world is questioning what diversity is really worth, and social distancing is becoming more and more common in every corner of the planet, we believe it is essential to continue creating spaces for dialogue and encounters that allow us to connect with the deepest part of our humanity.

How will we invest the donations collected?
  • As a way to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we will allow for natural airflow throughout the Nave.This will also allow the place to have natural light inputs.
  • We will replace the damaged ceiling with a thermoacoustic structure that includes domes and skylights.
  • We will renovate ceiling tiles.
  • In keeping our cultural agenda active in downtown San Salvador, inside and outside La Nave.
  • In renovating the bathrooms.
  • In adapting space for dressing rooms for artists.
And if we manage to raise enough funds, we will:
  • Install an elevator to make access to La Nave more inclusive.
  • Renew external and internal doors of the entire space.
  • Equip the stage with lights, the structure to perform aerial acrobatics, and bleacher modules.
Who are we?
We are a group of artists, communicators, cultural managers, educators and creative communities that continue to resist despite the constant job insecurity in the sector and the closure of cultural spaces. We persist with optimism, promoting the emergence and take-off of this independent cultural space.

Nave Cine Metro is a project of Asociación Cultural Azoro (ACA), a non-profit organization legally constituted in El Salvador in 2015. La Cachada Teatro and Teatro del Azoro are also part of their projects.

We are transforming what used to be a movie theater in downtown San Salvador into a safe art house, where we can coexist freely and recognize one another, reconstruct and rethink our identity, thus reclaiming our role in our own history.
Frequently Asked Questions
Nave Cine Metro is located in the former Cine Metro, at the intersection of Calle Delgado and 4° avenida Sur in the Historic Center district of San Salvador.
How can I find out what activities are going to take place at the Nave?
We regularly post our weekly cultural program on and
We are a team of artists, creators and cultural managers working with the legal and administrative support of Asociación Cultural Azoro. If you want to contact us we recommend you write to and
Yes, you can go to any BAC Credomatic bank in El Salvador and make your contribution to the account number 201026887 in the name of Asociación Cultural Azoro. We ask that when you make your contribution you contact us at the following email addresses and in order to properly identify your contribution.
You will be contributing for as long as you wish. If you wish to cancel your subscription and stop making contributions regularly you can let us know by sending an email to and/or . We will cancel your subscription and notify you immediately.
Yes, everyone who makes any type of contribution is part of TRIPULANTES. If you make regular contributions you will have benefits throughout your subscription period.
First of all, you are contributing to the sustainability of the cultural and creative industry, which greatly benefits the country and the region. Second, you will have access to previews of productions or activities taking place in Nave Cine Metro and will have regular access to virtual conversations with the management team and artists of the project.
The first $65 thousand dollars raised will be invested in the most basic repairs to the building and in maintaining a permanent cultural program. Priority will be given to replacing the severely damaged roof and suspended ceiling, while taking advantage of the opportunity to facilitate more air circulation and more natural light, in this way we will be also increasing biosecurity measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Then, we will adapt the space to make it accessible to persons with reduced mobility. In terms of cultural production, these contributions will cover a portion of the costs related to the execution of cultural planning, such as activities that range from covering management fees and paying artists, to partially covering the acquisition of audio and lighting equipment for performing arts.
It will take us longer than expected to adapt the space for the arts. However, we will always try to keep our cultural programming active.
We will send monthly reports on the spending of all funds raised in this campaign.
Yes, to ask for one you have to make your donation using the form of the second tab that says “Donation with tax benefit in El Salvador”. Asociación Cultural Azoro (ACA) is the administrative entity of the Nave Cine Metro and is a non-profit organization legally constituted in El Salvador since 2015 and is therefore authorized to issue donation receipts to its donors. These receipts offer a tax benefit in El Salvador at the time of annual income tax declaration for both individuals and companies.
First of all, we apologize. Please send us an email with your details to and and we will contact you as soon as possible.
Yes, at this stage of development of the Nave Cine Metro project we need financial resources to make urgent repairs and infrastructure adjustments to increase air circulation and natural light. However, this is a very diverse project and therefore we ask that you contact us to let us know about the type of in-kind donation you would like to make and how it will be delivered. We also issue receipts for in-kind donations that give you tax benefits when declaring your annual income in El Salvador.
(+503) 7985-3935, (+503) 7740 9289
Ubicación Nave Cine Metro
Ex Cine Metro, Centro Histórico, San Salvador.
Ubicación Asociación Cultural Azoro
Residencial Australia Norte, Calle Antigua al Volcán, Edificio L, Nivel 1, Apartamento 2, Mejicanos, San Salvador.
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